I was the first of 25 hires for what is now the Cross-Channel Experience Design (CCXD) department within Centene. 
The need for a dedicated, cross-functional UX presence became clear after a subpar design rollout for one of their call center platforms resulted in a hefty price tag and a year's worth of headaches.
The CCXD department, in turn, created and is in the midst of advancing the Centene Experience Design initiative—an org-wide effort they hope will generate greater awareness about the impact of sound UX practices.
I designed the Centene Experience Design brand, from tagline to tone, logo to color palette.
I designed all of the cited deliverables—logo, tagline, voice, color palette, etc.

• Logo
• Tagline
• Voice & Tone
• Color Palette
• Typeface
• Style Guide

• Branding
• Graphic Design
• Copy Direction
• Copywriting
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