In addition to personality design, conversational UX & UI design, and UX writing, I also provided copy direction for various efforts in my time at Capacity. So, when the company rebranded (they were formerly and committed to launching their new identity via a fresh, 100+ page website, I had the pleasure of leading the copy charge.
Although it was a completely new brand, the primary challenge was little different from the primary challenge with all nascent tech: make this heady, complicated stuff sound somewhat less so.
The average site visitor doesn’t care about LSTMs, ELMO, Word2Vec, or RNN models. They care about how your product relates to them. 
I've found that a thoughtfully designed, well-placed analogy can instantly bridge the gap between absolute inexperience and complex technologies like AI, ML, and RPA.
I created the headlines, and either copy directed, wrote, or copyedited the body content.

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