I earned a B.A. in Creative Writing from a small art university in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Unfortunately, Santa Fe isn't home to a ton of comedy clubs (read: zero), so I soon found myself on the lookout for a substitute comedy medium. 
Film turned out to be the perfect fit. 
Not only was it a natural extension of the sketch and character-based material I had been crafting for years, but New Mexico—locals often refer to it as "Tamalewood"—actually boasts one of the most vibrant film industries in the US. 
Unlike stand-up comedy, which can be a fairly rigid form of comedic expression, the possibilities for humor in film are only limited to one's ingenuity. And, as an added bonus, film audiences contain markedly fewer drunken hecklers.
I wrote the screenplays, acted, and helped direct some of the webisodes.

• Screenplays
• Treatments

• Screenwriting
• Character Development
• Acting
• Directing
A Town Called Theocracy
My incredibly talented director buddy, Jehad N. Al-Khateeb, had secured a fantastic shooting location and a small budget. I provided the screenplay and some acting chops.
A Town Called Theocracy was accepted into over two dozen film festivals, including the Academy Award-qualifying Dubai International Film Festival and the BAFTA-recognized Aesthetica Short Film Festival.
The film also garnered multiple awards, including Best New Mexico Film (Albuquerque Film & Music Experience), Most Original Story (Blackbird Film Festival), and Best Comedy (Snake Alley Festival of Film).
I Love Mark & Lucy
For years, whenever an especially bizarre moment would find its way into our relationship, my wife or I would say, "We should film this." 
The result is I Love Mark & Lucy, a 10-episode comedy web series that "relishes the not-so-subtle absurdity of modern partnership." 
Therapy Talk, like every installment, is embarrassingly similar to the actual event that inspired it.
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