Want to get really good at human-centered design, really fast?
Try stand-up.
You'll conduct usability testing and iterate in front of a live, oftentimes hostile user segment on a nightly basis. In stand-up comedy, a good user experience isn’t a nice-to-have—the medium itself (and your psychological well-being) depends upon the usability of your designs.
I started performing stand-up before I was allowed to sit at the club's bar. After nearly a decade of sets under my belt and an hour-long, one-man comedy show to boot, I decided to focus on film.
Nearly all of my material was character-based, which laid a solid foundation for screenwriting and my subsequent work in virtual assistant personality design. 
If you're a stand-up comedy nerd, you might pick up on some influences from my heroes, Steve Martin and Andy Kaufman.
I wrote and performed all of my own material.

• 500+ Stand-Up Performances
• Hour-Long One-Man Show

• Comedic Writing
• Character Development
• Public Speaking
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